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USL At A Glance

United Spirits Limited (USL) is the largest Alcobev Company in India selling 123.7 million cases for the fiscal ending March 31st, 2013.

One of the leading global players with a portfolio of more than 140 brands, of which several are global iconic brands across flavors. The company has twenty brands in its portfolio that sell more than a million cases each year, of which five brands each sell more than 10 million cases annually, Additionally it also has nine brands that sell over half a million cases each year. USL brands in the prestige and above segment including McDowell's No.1, Royal Challenge, Signature Antiquity and Black Dog constitute a quarter of the company's total annual volumek.

The company enjoys a strong 59% market share for its first line brands in India. United Spirits' brands have won the most prestigious awards for flavors, ranging from Mondial to International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) to International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI); 184 awards & certificates.

United Spirits has pioneered several innovations that have pushed the paradigm in the industry. This includes first pre-mixed gin, the first Tetrapack in the spirits industry in India and the first single malt manufactured in Asia

USL has a global footprint with exports to over 37 countries. The company has established a strong presence in African and Far Eastern Markets, under its Emerging Markets initiatives. It has a sizeable presence in India with distilleries and sales offices all across the country, and a committed team of over 7500 people dedicated to the fulfillment of the company's mission. It has established manufacturing and bottling plants in every State in India. USL's robust distribution network covers the entire country to deliver its products to customers located anywhere in India.

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Technical Center

USL's Technical Centre was conceptualised in view of the company's commitment to provide high quality and innovative products to the ever evolving consumer franchise. The Technical Centre was formally launched in 1989 in Cunningham Road, Bangalore working in close coordination with the President's office and the central marketing team. As the market dynamics changed and the opportunity to grow through innovation was an imminent reality, a new state-of-art Technical Centre was set up in 2010 at a much larger space in Whitefield, Bangalore. This is now a benchmark model for 'Centre of Excellence' in NPD Innovation, Analytical & Sensory sciences, Process R&D, Special Spirits & Flavour Management. In recognition of its outstanding achievements, DSIR, Government of India has certified the Technical Centre as an In-house R & D Laboratory.

Highly qualified and experienced scientists with international exposure from various fields like sensory sciences, analytical chemistry, microbiology, organic chemistry, bio-technology and food technology, currently work at the Technical Centre, with high energy levels in taking up challenges and contributing significantly to the company's growth. The cumulative experience of the "TC Leadership Team" working at the Technical Center is about 150 yrs, who possess tremendous consumer technical insight and the ability to link "consumer unmet needs" with "technology solutions".

Extensive research has been done at Technical Centre on yeast genetics and molecular biology for strain development for osmo and thermo tolerant yeasts. These strains have been used for maximising process efficiency at USL's own units. In wine making, several process improvements have been accomplished. Technical Centre has also done extensive research on extension of shelf-life of blends.

Major functions at the Technical Centre are New Product Development (NPD), Research & Development (R&D), Special Spirits Management, Food Flavour Management, Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs.

To give the USL scientists the cutting edge technologies, sophisticated instruments like GCMS-Olfactory, GC, HPLC, Spectrophotometers, Alcolyzer etc are provided for highly sensitive & critical quality and investigative analysis. These instruments have enabled USL to set exacting quality standards for its products and maintain product consistency across more than 90 manufacturing units.

e-initiatives form the core of the functioning of the Technical Centre. The Centre has set up its own digitized system for quality management, project management and Sensory evaluation process.

Innovation, quality, speed and thirst for excellence are Technical Centre's key drivers, particularly reflected in consumer driven NPD, as well as NPD based on innovation platform. The Centre has worked extensively on quality improvement of extra neutral alcohol, novel methods for extension of shelf-life of products, brand protection & authenticity and maturation studies. Technical Centre has also effectively managed special spirits and flavours for maintaining blend quality and consistency so critical for exceeding consumer expectations.

Several New products meeting consumer requirement and expectations are launched every year to maintain the leadership and presence in every category. Recently launched products include McDowell's No.1 Platinum whisky that crossed the one million cases sales mark in its first year of launch. Signature Premier is another unique whisky in the premium segment developed at the Technical Centre and is blended with 8YO scotch for the ultimate consumer experience in this category. Launch of the first premium brandy, Louis Vernant XO, was yet another leap forward by the Technical Centre.

The quality of USL's products have been acknowledged worldwide by independent jury in various competitions like International Wine & Spirits Competition (UK), International Spirits Challenge (UK), World Beverage Competition (US), Monde Selection (Belgium), Mundusvini (Germany), ITQI (Belgium) etc.. Indeed, a tribute to USL's commitment for excellence.

Technical Centre is pro-actively involved in knowledge dissemination and training through Webinars, Master Classes and Presentations within USL. Various topics of significant importance have been covered for teams from Trade Marketing, HO-Marketing, Sales, Regional Quality Centres, Malt Production units and associate vendors. Along with subject theory, practical classes are also conducted during on-premise programs at Technical Centre for skill enhancement.

Use of world class infrastructure to link molecules & sensory and combination of scientific rigour & the art of liquid crafting have made USL's Technical Centre truly cutting edge. Technical Centre aspires to be the driver for bigger and bolder innovations for emerging market consumers globally through a deep understanding of consumers and perceived value drivers.

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Distilleries Map
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Vision Statement

To create the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products company in India.
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Heritage & History

United Spirits Limited's (USL) history arcs through the space-time-continuum, leaping backwards to the British Raj of the 19th Century, trotting through the license Raj of an Independent and Socialist India - through the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, coming into its own at the cusp of the new millennium and now in the Info Age, the clear Numero Uno in the world alcohol beverages market.

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Challenge-driven, enthusiastic and forever aiming for higher goals, USL management is the motivating force behind the companies success. It is through their guidance and sheer passion to excel that United Spirits has reached the pinnacle and will continue to be a leader.

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Contact us

General Enquiries
United Spirits Limited
UB Tower,
# 24, Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore - 560 001.

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Investor Queries
Mr.Ramachandra V.
Company Secretary
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Media Contacts
Michelle D’Souza
Head of Communications
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